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Sonic Weaver

"Vocalist, Multi-instrumentalist, Designer, Creative Producer. Walking with Taonga Puoro/Traditional First Nations Instruments and Crystal Singing Bowls Whaia weaves her own unique cradle of embedded healing phonics.

A Ngati Kahugnunu woman raised in the outback dessert of Western Australia, her whakapapa/lineage, the land and her Aboriginal grandmother shaping her story from age 6. She has been performing professionally for over two decades and in that time toured with Aboriginal Elder Bunna Lawrie in the band ‘The Whaledreamers’. For 4 years singing the whale songlines in both Maori and Aboriginal language throughout festivals and gatherings across Australia.

Her debut album WHAIA & WATER is 1st part of her ‘Sacred Sonic Sessions’ honouring the waters of the planet and our first house of water, the womb. Blending melodies of the natural world within the currents of crystalline frequencies she accesses the sonic bridge between realms.

With a depth of ochre in her skin and mana in her bones, she’s a true warrior woman with a soft yet powerful delivery, entwining one’s heart, body and spirit. Celebrating Te Atua/The Gods/Goddess’s of wood, stone, clay and bone Whaia activates an ancient primordial voice that will no doubt rumble your inner jungle and shake loose that which can serve your awakening process.

Welcoming you for a 'Tune Up' like no other."

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