Embody Your Bodies Wisdom

What does it mean to trust your bodies expression without shame or judgement?

How does it feel like to lean into the unknown and follow what your body desires to express?

How do you discover your inner power through the feminine?

What does it feel like to find safety within?

Over three 90 min sessions we will create ritual, play, move, breathe, create sound, express and lean into your own medicine. Each session will allow you to cultivate what is alive for you in the moment and integrate that energy in your own home. In other words... bottling up your own feminine essence and jizzing it in your own space. Yes jizz. 

My own practice has been my daily dose of medicine. Why? because what I cultivate in my bedroom every morning permeates out into the mundane. A space for me to feel into my emotions, express them within the safety of my own body and allow me to see my truth without logic. 

I have had the pleasure of holding wahine as a Yoga Teacher, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Doula and in womens circles. I have birthed 3 boys into this world and with each birth I trusted each death and rebirth of myself. I discovered embodiment for my own personal journey with the birth of my first son 13 years ago. Leaning into the unknown by trusting the power that sat in my womb, my heart, my hips and my yoni.


  • 3x 1:1 Sessions spaced over 8 weeks

  • Each session is 90min

  • We start and end with karakia (incantation or prayer)

  • Dropping in with breath to cultivate presence

  • Sharing to dump any "noise" and to be heard

  • Guided embodiment practice

  • Guided meditation

  • Time at the end to voice your experience with what your body whispered to you

  • a co creation of energy as we share time and space over three sessions. 


  • A space where you can move freely and express sound without any inhibition

  • A journal and pen

  • Free Zoom account

  • A willingness to see and be yourself moment by moment and show up as all of you!

Pay in Full $222


Payment Plan: 3 x monthly payments of $80