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Call yourself home

‘Me aro koe ki te hā o Hineahuone’ — ‘Pay homage to the essence of womankind’

Join me on a 8 week journey to explore your wombs own unique language

How does your womb want to be expressed?

What truth is your womb here to share?

Are you wanting to slow down and soften into the embodiment of your authentic self?

How does your womb want to sing, laugh, dance, cry and experience pleasure?

What does it feel like to find safety within?

Are you ready to birth a new creation or idea?

Are you on the edge of change and needing a space to unravel as you integrate this shift?

Are you ready to see the parts of yourself you have casted out?

Are you ready to discover your authentic self?


Are you ready to birth a new version of yourself?

For centuries our wombs have been silenced. Our wombs truth being labelled as crazy, nonsense, too much, dirty or unclean. Our Wharetangata is tapu. A sacred place we can access at any moment of the day to lead us deeper into our own unique essence. A deeper truth that the eye cannot see and can only be felt.


I believe our wombs are here to teach us the cyclical nature of life. The opportunity to allow birth, death and rebirth to flow through our veins if we choose. Growing up on the Marae I was able to experience the safety that comes within the whare. I experienced ritual, flow, truth, story telling, grief and laughter. It was a place I could go to connect back to myself and remind me where I come from and to find solitude and deep connection with self and others.


Over 8 weeks we will start to build our owner inner Marae. A house that we can create from within that you can always return to. A place where you begin to trust yourself and have your own back to birth what you need to into this world. Be penetrated by your own wisdom and knowing.


Each week on Sunday's we will sit in a sacred container held via Zoom. Each call will include a teaching space, time to share, connect and a guided embodiment practices to support what is alive for you that wants to be expressed


You will receive tools weekly to add to your basket of knowledge


You will receive weekly guided embodiment transmissions to cultivate safety in your body through non linear movement


You will have access to a private FB Group to allow yourself to unfold and come undone as your womb starts to speak. A space to witness each other and experience a sisterhood. A space to ask questions and receive support.

You will receive extra resources, PDF's, audios, journal prompts, videos, playlists and embodiment practices to support your journey

Join WOMB today to experience what it means to take responsibility for your truth and embody your own unique essence



The FB group opens May 12th, 2021


Our first live call starts May 16th 2021, 6.30pm AEST


Pay In Full $555


Payment Plan: 3x monthly payments of $222


Payment Plan: 6x monthly payments of $129

For every booking $50 will go to Waminda.  A South Coast Women's Health and Welfare Aboriginal Corporation raising funds for Birthing on Country.  (BOC) is a once in a lifetime project, created and driven by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to build a better future for First Australians.

The South Coast Women’s Health and Welfare Aboriginal Corporation (Waminda), has partnered with the Molly Wardaguga Research Centre  and the Australian College of Midwives, to create a service where Aboriginal women and their families can experience their pregnancy in a culturally safe and nurturing environment.